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TIM evolves encryption to protect data

Smartphones, virtual and in-presence meetings, and quantum computing: the best solutions from Telsy, a TIM Group company, for Made in Italy encryption

It is a crucial time for cryptography worldwide. Cyberattacks are increasing in terms of numbers and impact, making it essential for organisations to protect the exchange of information with encryption techniques that can restrict access to authorised users only. This is especially true when protecting communications in the government, public and economic-financial spheres, which require a higher level of confidentiality, integrity, and data availability.

These domains are spurring the development of innovative cybersecurity solutions in the field of Quantum Computing, a technology that overcomes traditional cryptographic algorithms thanks to the immense computing power enabled by quantum mechanics. Namely, quantum-resistant solutions capable of thwarting possible attacks by quantum computers.

On the other hand, the evolution of global and technological scenarios requires mitigation of cyber risks; institutions, too, are paying much attention to the subject. In Italy, for instance, the executive is considering setting up a National Cryptography Centre to strengthen international collaboration between universities, research institutes and industrial companies.


We often forget that most threats come from the same, commonly-used channels. When we enter a video conference, send text messages or emails, or simply talk over the phone, our professional or personal information can be exposed to major IT security risks. In this context, Telsy – TIM Group’s competence centre for communications security, cybersecurity and quantum security, operating within TIM Enterprise – provides proprietary solutions designed and manufactured in Italy.

The company’s products include the TelsyInTouchPhone, a latest-generation smartphone preconfigured in the operating system and certified with the international Common Criteria standard to offer maximum security in communications (COMSEC) and according to best practices (CIS guidelines). Appropriately designed to minimise the attack surface, they only provide features that reflect the specific customer’s requirements. The software is TelsyInTouchApp, a secure collaboration app developed in-house by Telsy to guarantee the protection of personal data and conversations thanks to sophisticated security layers, with a user experience similar to that of the most popular messaging applications on the market (text messages, audio messages, calls, video calls and file transmission).

TelsyATMO, on the other hand, is designed to protect all conversations during meetings that take place in presence. It is a device that prevents malicious applications, perhaps unintentionally or unknowingly installed on one’s smartphone, from deceitfully recording or exfiltrating sensitive or confidential information exchanged during the meeting. Attendees can simply put their device in TelsyATMO to avoid unwanted listening while keeping all the device’s functionalities active at all times.

Similar situations may also arise when organising online meetings and web conferences. With TelsyAntares, organisations can equip themselves with a dedicated web conference platform that features asymmetric encryption protocols that ensure participant authentication, providing a superior level of security compared to popular commercial cloud-based applications.

TelsyMusa, on the other hand, is a solution that enables high-speed transmission of sensitive and encrypted information between different corporate locations. It is an encryption system that can be installed on an appliance device equipped with at least three Ethernet interfaces: one for management, one for unencrypted LAN traffic and one for encrypted WAN traffic. The LAN traffic is protected through encryption algorithms with the highest security standards, while the traffic between the different appliances is conveyed through a proprietary communication protocol (tunnelling) called TelsyGuard.


Telsy is a leader in quantum security technologies, which it has been developing since 2021 through its shareholding in Quantum Telecommunications Italy (QTI). Thanks to the collaboration with QTI, today, Telsy can offer total security solutions, which employ an end-to-end encryption system that is entirely reliable and compatible with current telecommunications infrastructures in both civil and military contexts and applications.

Image: Telsy

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