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About Us

Decode39 is a news and analysis website providing authoritative content and geopolitical insight, an editorial project that takes advantage of Italy’s unique perspective as a crossroads between the global West and East, North and South.

We are a spin-off of Formiche, a leading geopolitical and analytical news outlet that has been informing Italian decision-makers since 2004. Our name refers to the ability to decipher ongoing events and trends, with “39” being Italy’s international country code.

Our final objective is reporting on the future of Europe, the Transatlantic relationship, China, and the Middle East. In line with our objective of extending our global reach, Decode39 provides English-language content and is complemented by its sister site in Arabic.


Editorial staff

Director: Valeria Covato

Board Chairman: Federico Vincenzoni

Board Members: Luca Bader, Enrico Comin


Legal information (pursuing article 2250 of the Civil Code)

Publisher: Decode39 s.r.l., Vittorio Emanuele II, 18 00186 Roma

VAT ID: IT 16071261008

Authorisation of the Court of Rome, n. 100/2021 – June 6, 2021


Contact us

+39 0645473850

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