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Pope Francis to participate in G-7 AI talks

PM Meloni announced the Pontifex’s groundbreaking participation, highlighting his role in shaping ethical regulations, with echoes of John Paul II's human-centric approach

Pontifex inbound at G-7 meeting. Pope Francis will be attending the G-7 summit where he will take part in the session dedicated to discussing artificial intelligence, according to a video message from Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. This is the first time in history that a Pope will be engaging in G-7 discussions.

  • Pope Francis is expected to discuss AI while speaking remotely with world leaders gathered in Apulia at Borgo Egnazia on June 13 through 15.
  • He will be speaking alongside representatives from European institutions, India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and African Union countries.

PM Meloni’s words. “I am convinced that His Holiness’s presence will make a significant contribution to shaping an ethical and cultural regulatory framework for artificial intelligence. The international community’s capacity to fulfill what Pope Saint John Paul II recalled during his famous speech to the United Nations on October 2, 1979, will once again be put to the test on this issue: national and international political activity comes from humans, is exercised by humans, and is for humans. This will always be our commitment and our path.”

  • On Wednesday, the Council of Ministers approved a set of new rules aimed at controlling the misuse of artificial intelligence. These regulations, pending parliamentary approval, are designed to prepare Italians for the impact of AI on their digital lives, addressing concerns such as the dangers of deep fakes while fostering growth and development in the sector.

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