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President Mattarella highlights geopolitical shifts at G7 summit

Welcoming the leaders, the Italian head of state called for unity and cooperation in the face of global challenges. He emphasised the G7's commitment to democracy and human rights, addressing the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

President highlights tensions. “Old ghosts have reappeared,” said Italian President Sergio Mattarella in his speech at the inaugural dinner of the G7 summit at Borgo Egnazia, Italy.

  • “The construction of international rules of coexistence and respect for peoples is being severely tested,” he added, emphasising the significant shift in the global context since Italy last chaired the talks seven years ago.
  • The President highlighted how globalisation’s interdependence has sharply declined, replaced by growing geopolitical tensions and conflicts.

A bastion of shared values. In response to these changes, the G7 continues to uphold shared values of democracy, the rule of law, and human rights. These principles remain crucial as the world faces an alarming rise in authoritarianism and aggressive international behaviours.

  • The speech stressed the G7’s steadfast commitment to international rules, particularly the United Nations Charter, amidst these challenges.
  • The G7 group of countries are “united not only by a high level of development and income but also, and above all, by values,” explained the President.

Calls for peace. Two key geopolitical issues were underscored: the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • The speech condemned Russia’s actions as a dangerous neo-imperial move that threatens European peace, and called for support of Ukraine’s independence.
  • In addressing the Middle East, the speech urged for a two-state solution in order to achieve lasting peace following the brutal attacks by Hamas and Israel’s retaliation.

The embrace of cooperation. Adapting to the evolving global landscape, he observed how the G7 has transformed into an open platform for dialogue on critical global issues. Mattarella then concluded by reiterating the need for enhanced partnerships across the globe.

  • From economic development and climate change to migration flows and artificial intelligence, he deemed it crucial for the G7 to collaborate with other nations to address these pressing challenges.
  • “The ability to build partnerships with that part of the world that, despite physiological differences, is open to dialogue on our options, is the natural horizon to look towards,” stated the President.

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