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Frecce Tricolori’s North American tour as a beacon of Italy’s soft power

After 30 years, the Italian Air Force’s aerobatic team has returned to Canada and the United States. It showcases Italy’s excellence and strategic partnership while embodying its national identity and aerial prowess

After 30 years… the pilots of the Frecce Tricolori pilots, the Italian Air Force’s aerobatic demonstration team, will return to North America for a summer tour. Starting in Quebec, the tour will take them across Canada and the United States.

  • This marks the first time the team has made an overseas appearance since its “Columbus 92” mission to celebrate the 500th anniversary of America’s discovery.
  • During their stay in Canada, the Frecce Tricolori will be a pivotal part of the Royal Canadian Air Force’s 100th anniversary celebrations on June 22. This momentous occasion will not only be a display of their aerial prowess but also a testament to the enduring friendship and strategic partnership between the two air forces, a bond that has been strengthened over the years
  • After Canada, the tour will continue, stopping in New York, Washington, Chicago, and Los Angeles until the end of August. Their final show will be in Ocean City, Worcester County, Maryland.

The comment. “Bringing aircraft and crews to this distance demonstrates the teamwork and projection capabilities of the Italian Air Force,” said General Luca Goretti, Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force. “The Frecce Tricolori team represent these values as ambassadors of Italy, reflecting over a century of service.”

  • The tour will also provide a valuable opportunity to strengthen connections with Italian communities in North America and to showcase the values and identity of our Armed Forces,” added the General.

Besides the aerobatic displays. This tour will showcase Italy’s soft power and promote its excellence. The aerobatic team, representing Italy and the Armed Forces at air shows worldwide, is also a fully operational unit of the Italian Air Force.

  • The squadron serves a dual role, attracting public interest and demonstrating their skills while preparing for defence and conflict operations.
  • It embodies the concept of “air diplomacy,” using air power for diplomatic efforts. As the world’s largest aerobatic team, they play a crucial role in representing Italy globally and symbolising national identity.

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