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Milan selected to host EU Patent Court division

Italy’s business capital will now house the third division of the European Unified Patent Court, taking over from post-Brexit London

The EU’s Patent Court moves to Milan. On Monday, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani announced that Milan had been chosen to host the European Unified Patent Court’s third section, starting in June 2024.

  • “[It’s] good news for Italy and an acknowledgement for Milan,” tweeted FM Tajani.

The name of the game. The Unified Patent Court is common to all EU member States. It oversees actions against committed or threatened infringements, nullity, damages and requests for provisional and precautionary measures and injunctions. Its decisions impact 26 out of 27 States.

  • The other two divisions are hosted in Paris and Luxembourg, respectively. The third division – soon to be in Milan – was located in London and had to be reassigned following the UK’s exit from the bloc.

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