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TIM expands in cybersecurity by acquiring TS-Way

TIM expands in cybersecurity by acquiring TS-Way
The Italian telecoms titan is branching into predictive cyberdefence and expanding its offering of tools to counter threats through its cybersecurity-focused division Telsy

Strengthening predictive defence services to prevent cyber risks and incidents, including through research activities on as-of-yet unknown vulnerabilities, while enhancing the offer of solutions and services in the security field. With these objectives, TIM Group – through Telsy, its cybersecurity-focused company operating within TIM Enterprise – acquired TS-Way, an Italian company specialising in cyber threat intelligence, in February.


“With this transaction, we grow further in the cybersecurity market and strengthen our competencies to manage even the most complex cyber risks,” said Eugenio Santagata, TIM’s Chief Public Affairs & Security Officer and CEO of Telsy. “We welcome the entry of TS-Way in the Group, which allows us to integrate an innovative and entirely Italian platform to improve our offer for customers. The acquisition also allows us to provide qualified experts and increasingly cutting-edge tools to serve everyone,” he added.


Increasingly frequent, articulated and invasive cyber attacks and shifts in workforce habits (such as remote working) have changed the cyber scenario in which businesses and public administrations operate. Telsy’s response is structured to support governmental entities, large companies and medium-sized enterprises with a modular service capable of modelling itself on the client’s IT perimeter.


TS-Intelligence is a platform offered by Telsy and TS-Way to support cyber defence activities and decisions, including preventive and predictive actions. Its purpose is to help organisations process threat data to better understand the risks they face and who the attackers are, quickly detect threats, reduce response times, and evolve the approach from reactive to proactive in the fight against malicious actors.

This solution – a proprietary platform that collects technical data and information to support decisions – enables a variety of cybersecurity activities, such as collecting, validating, correlating and contextualising information in the global domain on threats, actors, methodologies and cyber incidents, as well as producing and sending information feeds. The system also provides secure machine-to-machine transmission of data to be uploaded to our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system or as part of other Threat Intelligence technologies.

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