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Government focuses on AI as Italy readies for the G-7

As PM Meloni vowed to take the lead on AI governance through Italy’s chairmanship of the Group of Seven in 2024, Innovation Undersecretary Butti took steps to forge ahead with a new Artificial Intelligence Strategy Committee and an AI-centred fund for SMEs

Rome moves to break ground on AI. On Thursday, Innovation Undersecretary Alessio Butti – the member of the Italian executive in charge of all things digital – discussed the government’s moves to draw up a roadmap for regulating artificial intelligence. “I have already signed a decree to appoint the technicians who will form a new Artificial Intelligence Strategy Committee,” he told Ansa, adding that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni – “who is very attentive to the issue” – will prepare additional measures shortly.

Bringing AI to SMEs. One of the next steps is identifying a suitable regulating body, explained the undersecretary, noting that he had thought of a foundation, which would be “more agile” for fundraising. He also announced that the executive had kicked off an AI-focussed fund with the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN) and State lender CDP for small and medium-sized enterprises, set to reach €800 million.

  • As Mr Butti had explained earlier this month, Italy intends to lead by example by “transform[ing] elements of backwardness into opportunities for revitalisation” – i.e. bridging the country’s digital development gap by disseminating technologies such as AI.

Road to the G-7. The Group of Seven’s Hiroshima Process is set to produce an AI regulation draft (international guiding principles and a code of conduct for organised nations developing advanced AI systems, including generative AI) by late December,” he specified. Having the guidelines by year’s end means it will be up to Italy, in line for the G-7 chairmanship in 2024, to push for their adoption and global diffusion.

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