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Fincantieri dives deep: a strategic leap into the booming underwater economy

The Italian shipbuilder is expanding its sights to the underwater domain, set to become ever more strategic for Italy’s geopolitical and defence prowess, technological edge, and its economy

Italian shipbuilding giant Fincantieri is setting its sights on a new frontier: the vast underwater world. This strategic move positions them to capitalise on a surging global subsea market, estimated to reach a staggering $400 billion by 2030. But Fincantieri’s ambitions extend beyond just business. Delving into subsea technologies has significant implications for Italy’s economic diversification, technological innovation, and even national security.

The rise of the underwater economy. The ocean covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface, holding immense economic potential. Resources like oil, gas, minerals, and seafood contribute significantly to global GDP. But the future lies in emerging sectors like deep-sea mining, offshore wind energy, and subsea cable networks, which are expected to drive explosive growth in the underwater economy.

  • The World Bank estimates the ocean economy could generate up to $3 trillion in annual value added by 2030.

National security at stake. Beyond economic opportunities, the underwater world presents strategic challenges. Over 95% of global internet traffic travels through undersea cables, making their security paramount for national security and economic stability. Additionally, access to undersea resources like oil, gas, and minerals can be a national security concern, especially for countries with limited domestic reserves.

  • Countries with advanced underwater technology hold an edge in maritime surveillance and defence.

Fincantieri’s strategic dive. The shipbuilder’s foray into subsea technologies positions them as a key player in this rapidly evolving landscape. Their proven track record in complex engineering and construction projects can be readily applied to the subsea domain, creating new revenue streams and propelling Italy’s economic diversification.

  • The move also presents opportunities for technological innovation. Investing in research and development for subsea projects strengthens Italy’s technological prowess, potentially leading to advancements with military applications.
  • Furthermore, a strong presence in the subsea market allows Italy to play a more significant role in securing undersea infrastructure and resources, bolstering national security.

Challenges and the road ahead. The subsea market is fiercely competitive, with established players like the United States and China vying for dominance. Fincantieri’s success will depend on leveraging its expertise, investing in cutting-edge technology, and potentially forging strategic collaborations.

  • Fincantieri’s audacious dive into the underwater world is a strategic bet on the future. By harnessing its expertise and fostering innovation, the Italian shipbuilding giant has the potential to not only secure a piece of the booming subsea market but also solidify Italy’s position as a major player in the evolving underwater landscape.

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