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Italy and the US strengthened bonds at the Independence Day celebration

The bilateral relationship is “stronger than ever,” stated FM Tajani. He emphasised that Rome will remain allied with Washington, regardless of who the president may be

Italy and the US are closer than ever. The relationship between the United States and Italy is “stronger than ever,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani.

  • On Thursday, speaking at a reception organised by the US embassy to Italy and the US mission to the UN to celebrate US Independence Day, the Italian Foreign Minister emphasised that Italy and the US, as NATO partners, share “a common interest in defending common interests,” such as “protecting democracies from autocracies.”
  • Tajani highlighted the cooperation in efforts for Ukraine in light of the Russian aggression, creating a buffer zone between Hezbollah and Israel and securing a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

The event… held at Villa Taverna, the US Ambassador’s Residence in Rome, was attended by over four thousand guests, including officials, politicians, and business people. 

  • Notably, attendees included Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure; Elisabetta Belloni, intelligence chief and G7 sherpa; and Emanuele Orsini, President of the manufacturers’ association Confindustria.

In the run-up to the US election. Ahead of the US presidential elections, Minister Tajani stated that Italy would ally with the United States regardless of who won the vote.

However, Minister Salvini tweeted support for former President Donald Trump against incumbent Joe Biden following Thursday’s debate between the two candidates.

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