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Starmer in. What to expect from UK-Italy ties

Bilateral relations will remain strong despite the ideological differences between the new British PM and his counterpart, Meloni. The 2023 bilateral agreement and the program for the next-generation jet serve as solid foundations for continued collaboration

Well done. Today, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni congratulated Keir Starmer, the new British Prime Minister, following the Labour Party’s victory in the general elections in the U.K.

  • “The state of relations between Italy and the United Kingdom is excellent, and I am confident that we will continue to foster a strong and reliable partnership between our great nations, in the interest of our citizens and in line with our shared strategic goals,” she stated.
  • Meloni also bid farewell to former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, acknowledging the years of “intense collaboration and sincere friendship that have strengthened the ties between our two nations.”

Hope for continued collaboration. Pasquale Terracciano, former Italian Ambassador to the U.K., shared insights with our sister website into the evolving dynamics between Italy and the U.K. 

  • Reflecting on the ideological differences between Meloni and Starmer, he emphasised the potential for continued cooperation. 
  • “Even if there won’t be a strong understanding created between Meloni and Sunak, there is a tradition of solid and converging relations. The bilateral relationship will, therefore, remain positive even without this level of ideological understanding between the leaders,” Terraciano stated.
  • As both leaders prepare for potential bilateral meetings at the upcoming NATO summit in Washington D.C., United States, next week and the meeting of the European Political Community in Woodstock, United Kingdom, the week after, the focus will likely be on finding common ground in areas of mutual interest. 

Strengthening bilateral ties. The Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Cooperation, signed in April 2023 between Italy and the United Kingdom, is central to this collaboration. 

  • This document outlined several key areas of partnership, including establishing annual 2+2 meetings on Foreign Affairs and Defence at both ministerial and senior official levels.
  • The MoU also emphasises joint efforts in global security, economic growth, climate change, and cultural exchange. It highlights Italy and the U.K.’s commitment to enhancing their financial ties and private-sector collaboration.
    • This includes dialogues on export and investment promotion, further solidifying the economic linkages that have historically benefited both countries.

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