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Rome welcomes new US Ambassador Jack Markell

Jack Markell
The recently-appointed diplomat, who’s close to President Biden, is about to touch down in the Italian capital to take over from chargé d’affaires Shawn Crowley at a time when relations between Italy and the US are as strong as ever

Benvenuto! The new United States Ambassador to Italy, Jack Markell, is slated to land in Rome soon. He’ll be filling the top spot at the Embassy in the Eternal City that’s been overseen by two chargés d’affaires, Thomas Smitham and Shawn Crowley, since former Ambassador Lewis Eisenberg left in January 2021.

  • Mr Markell’s appointment was officially confirmed during Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s visit to Washington in late July.

A top pick for a top post. Ambassador Markell, 63, hails from a successful career in the private sector and politics. From 2008 to 2017 he held the position of Governor of Delaware, the home state of Joe Biden, with whom he’s very close (here’s a more comprehensive bio). This closeness testifies to the regard in which the US President holds Italy and the White House’s willingness to enhance coordination on crucial issues.

It’s a great time to be in Italy. The country has consolidated its status as an Atlanticist stronghold over the past years, which has boosted Italy’s capacity for foreign policy and underpinned the expansion of its international efforts, both within the European Union and at the global level, and even in increasingly strategic areas like the Indo-Pacific.

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