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Meloni celebrates Liberation Day and condemns fascist past

The Italian PM marked April 25 by condemning fascism and stressing the importance of democracy. In her statement, she also pledged to oppose totalitarian regimes, echoing support for Ukraine

Meloni marks April 25. “With the end of fascism, the Liberation laid the foundations for the return of democracy.” Thus spoke Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on the day the country celebrates the end of the fascist regime – a date that has historically been a source of controversy and has fuelled disputes between left-wing and right-wing parties.

  • PM Meloni heads the Brothers of Italy (FdI) party, which draws on the post-fascist right-wing tradition of the Italian Social Movement – which gives her words of condemnation a deeper meaning.

Why does this matter? Ahead of the September 2022 elections that brought her to the top job, Ms Meloni had raised concerns, both at home and abroad, about the possible course of the far-right coalition. However, since her appointment, she has adopted a more moderate political discourse, condemning Italy’s fascist past and abandoning some of her previous ideas, as well as taking a pragmatic approach to European and international issues. 

An eye on Ukraine. “We reaffirm our aversion to all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. [Both] Those that oppressed the peoples of Europe in the past and those of today, which we are determined to oppose with commitment and courage. Long live freedom,” said the Italian PM in her speech. 

  • She was calling out the Russian aggression against Ukraine, as President Sergio Mattarella had already done in his April 25 speech last year, comparing the Italian resistance against fascism with the Ukrainian resistance against Russian aggression.
  • PM Meloni has often promised to support Ukraine as long as necessary.

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