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Italy-US, a partnership based on shared values. Wendy Sherman in Rome

The US Deputy Secretary of State is in Italy to meet senior Italian officials. Speaking at LUISS University, she stressed the importance of remaining “steadfast” in helping Ukraine defend “our values”. She delivered a clear message to “pacifists”, too

Standing our ground. “As democracies, our countries must remain steadfast in withstanding this onslaught and helping Ukrainians defend their values and our values, our own values”, said US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman at LUISS University in Rome. 

  • Deputy Secretary of State Sherman is in Rome to meet with senior Italian officials, including Diplomatic Advisor Francesco Talò and Secretary General Ettore Sequi. The mission is “to discuss mutual priorities, building on President [Joe] Biden’s recent bilateral meeting with Prime Minister [Giorgia] Meloni,” according to a State Department readout.
  • At the Vatican, Deputy Secretary Sherman will discuss shared priorities with Holy See Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Pacifists, “make no mistakes”. “Of course, we want the violence to end,” Deputy Secretary of State Sherman said. “But make no mistake. The fastest route to peace is for the person who started this unprovoked war to end it. Simply put, Russia must remove all troops from the sovereign territory of Ukraine. Period.”

  • Sherman stressed the role of the US and Italy in helping Ukraine keep its security, freedom, and independence. The two countries donate “military equipment, implementing targeted sanctions against Russian officials, freezing assets of Russian oligarchs, contributing to NATO’s deterrence measures, and seeking ways to reduce European dependence on Russia’s energy supplies.”
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is weaponizing winter, targeting Ukraine’s energy networks and infrastructure to use energy as “a cudgel across this continent.” But “officials throughout Europe, including Prime Minister [Giorgia] Meloni, are courageously holding firm in this trying time.”

LUISS university in the US. The meeting with LUISS students is a step in the fruitful relationship of cooperation and dialogue between Italy and the United States, including between academic institutions.

  • The LUISS US Foundation was launched on Saturday, 29th October, in the presence of the Ambassador of Italy to the US, Mariangela Zappia. The new Foundation will serve as an operational hub for fundraising and seeking new stakeholders on American soil.
  • Furthermore, LUISS is one of the promoters of the International Master’s program “Trans-Atlantic Business Executive” (TABE). A program to enhance the skills of global leaders and managers to navigate the economic and commercial challenges between the two sides of the Ocean. TABE will integrate education and business by aggregating six world’s most prestigious universities, including George Washington University (GWU), SciencesPo, Uni Ottawa, Hertie School and King’s College London.
    • TABE program is part of the Transatlantic Investment Committee (TIC), a platform created in October 2021 to consolidate ties between Italy and the US in industrial and research co-investments.

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