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Italy readies equipment to counter Ukraine’s power cuts

Giorgia meloni
The Italian government is working to counter Ukraine’s electricity disruption through a committee created by PM Meloni. Donations and assistance from Rome could help ensure power supply for roughly 3 million people

Italy is working to counter Ukraine’s power cuts. The “Ukraine Electricity Emergency” working group wanted by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, which has been operational since early December, met this morning in the government’s offices in Chigi Palace, according to an official readout.

  • The Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Energy Security and Enterprise are members, along with the Department of Civil Defence and national electricity grid operator Terna.

The nitty-gritty. The work, which has reached an “advanced stage,” concerns the coordination of initiatives to support Ukraine in countering the electrical outages plaguing the population – a result of the Russian forces actively bombing the country’s critical infrastructure.

  • In Wednesday’s meeting, participants defined the list of the available materials and equipment provided by major players in the electricity sector, as well as logistical arrangements for the next upcoming shipment.
  • This is slated to be a high-impact effort, considering it could help ensure power supply to a community of roughly 3 million people.

Keeping promises. During a telephone conversation in late December, PM Meloni assured to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy “the full support of the Italian government to Kyiv in the political, military, economic and humanitarian spheres, in the restoration of energy infrastructure and in the future reconstruction of Ukraine.”

  • She also announced her intention to travel to Kyiv later in the year and discussed supplies of anti-air defence systems to counter the ongoing onslaught of Russian missiles and drones.
  • President Zelensky thanked PM Meloni “for solidarity and comprehensive support for Ukraine” and commended the Italian government’s allocation of an additional €10 million in aid.

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