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Five aircraft carriers around Europe. NATO’s cohesion show-off

Five Allied warships, including Italy’s Cavour, are patrolling the waters around Europe, highlighting NATO’s ability to conduct meaningful operations and emphasising the “Deterrence and Defense” posture adopted after the invasion of Ukraine

A demonstration of unity. Five NATO aircraft carriers are patrolling the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean and the North Sea at this very moment. Although they operate independently, the ships from the United States, Italy, France and the United Kingdom are highlighting NATO’s ability to conduct effective joint operations.

  • Each national force is pursuing its own mission objective, but their simultaneous presence is an opportunity for NATO to show its interoperability and capacity.
  • They also reaffirm the Alliance’s “Deterrence and Defence” posture, adopted in response to the   Russian invasion of Ukraine.  

Behemoths in the Mediterranean. Routine patrol missions are underway? for five platforms: Italy’s ITS Cavour, the UK’s HMS Queen Elizabeth, France’s FS Charles de Gaulle, and the US’ George HW Bush and Gerald R Ford, the world’s largest aircraft carrier. 

The alliance’s show-off. Ships will serve duties in so-called Carrier Strike Groups, together with escort military vessels, representing the kind of interoperability and integration NATO needs.

  • The commander of NATO’s Allied Maritime Command, Keith Blount, said NATO “routinely demonstrates its cohesion by coordinating with multiple international maritime assets simultaneously. This opportunity demonstrates our steadfast commitment to the stability and security of the Euro-Atlantic area and the strength of our collective capability.” 

Deterrence and Defense. The concept identifies Russia as among the most significant and direct threats to the Alliance in the Euro-Atlantic area. The Pentagon’s Deputy Press Secretary, Sabrina Singh, also touched upon the matter: “Operations represent an opportunity for allied nations to coordinate critical combat power across the Euro-Atlantic area while showcasing NATO cohesion and interoperability.”

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