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Friendship and cooperation. Def Min Crosetto in Washington

The Italian Defence Minister met with Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin and took stock of the “special” bilateral relation, which remains robust, committed to Ukraine and extending across sectors

The Crosetto-Austin meeting. On Friday, the Italian Defence Minister met with his United States counterpart, Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, in Washington. The two touched upon a plethora of shared dossiers and took stock of Italy-US relations, which, as Minister Crosetto Stated, are based on a “special friendship.”

  • His visit follows that of Defence and Enterprise Ministers, Antonio Tajani and Adolfo Urso, and anticipates that of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, which is likely to happen in the coming weeks.
  • Contextually, defence cooperation between Washington and Rome is expanding across the world’s pivotal regions and key technological sectors.

Reasons for surety. “Italy is a fundamental ally on NATO’s Southern flank,” said Secretary Austin, highlighting its “robust contribution” to security in the world and role as a “leader” in guaranteeing global security.

  • Rome’s contributions, he said, encompass NATO, the EU and the UN, and influence many international missions – from the Balkans to the Arctic, from the Middle East to Africa, and reaching into the Indo-Pacific.
  • Washington “has played a fundamental role in our struggle to become a democracy, and today’s conversation is an opportunity to talk about what we want to continue to do together,” said the Italian Defence Minister before the press.

Focus on: Ukraine. The European continent is facing “a crucial moment” in terms of security, added the Secretary Austin. Ukraine “continues to struggle” for its freedom against Russia’s brutal aggression, and Italy, he remarked, is “providing direct military assistance” and also “helping the allies.”

  • On his part, Minister Crosetto highlighted how Rome “moved immediately, without a moment’s thought, to support the Ukrainian people in every way possible” against the Russian invasion.

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