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Italian Greens join Five Stars in opposing military aid to Ukraine

Bonelli Fratoianni
The leftist party followed in Conte’s steps in asking the government to “change strategy” and “stop supplying military equipment.” A key Parliament vote is fast approaching

Greens & Left call to stop sending weapons to Ukraine. On Wednesday, the leftist alliance presented a motion calling to stop sending arms to Ukraine. The motion is signed by Luana Zanella, Lower House whip of the Green Party, and Nicola Fratoianni, leader of the Italian Left party.

  • Signatories note the absence of better negotiating conditions, which military supplies should have supposedly aided, the EU’s (and Italy’s) diplomatic weakness and the risk of further escalation and nuclear conflict– three classic Kremlin talking points.
  • Thus, the alliance calls on the government “to change strategy and approach by prioritising the construction of a peace process and the activation of negotiation channels” and to “discontinue the supply of military equipment, concentrating these resources on humanitarian assistance and reconstruction”

Political convergence. The document closely resembles that put forward by the Five Star Movement, to be debated next week. The party recently abstained from a European Parliament vote labelling Russia a State sponsor of terrorism. Its leader Giuseppe Conte justified the decision by stating their efforts aim to “build a diplomatic path.”

  • The 5SM’s own motion, signed by Mr Conte himself, asks the government to disclose in advance its strategy on the Russian war in Ukraine and the possible dispatch of military supplies.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party – also in the opposition – is distancing itself from these positions. Former Defence Minister Lorenzo Guerini, a member of the Intelligence Committee, stated the party “will maintain the clear position we have had in recent months.”

  • The DP, headed by Enrico Letta, led an electoral coalition that also comprised the Greens and Italian Left. Also, three DP MEPs had voted against the European Parliament vote.
  • However, many from the leftmost wing of the party assured they would not break ranks over the motion. Names include Gianni Cuperlo and Marco Furfaro, who took part in the “peace” rally called by Mr Conte on November 5.

The next steps. A 2022 law granted the government permission to supply Ukraine with weapons until the year’s end. On Monday, Defence Minister Crosetto explained that Giorgia Meloni’s government will ask Parliament to extend that law until the end of 2023.

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